Team Konstructive DREAM BIKES participated in the BC Bike Race Mountain Biking Event 2018. The race took place in seven different regions on the West coast of British Columbia in Canada and featured the best man-made trails that the regions had to offer.

On all seven stages 600 participants from 40 different countries had to accomplish challenging ascents and descents full of rocks and roots.

The video compresses the total race time of 19 hours to 3 minutes and 23 seconds and gives a visual impression of the awesome BC Bike Race. Team Konstructive DREAM BIKES had a lot of fun and not a single defect or fall during the race. To finish on the podium in second place of the Veteran’s team category was the icing on the cake. Thanks to the perfect organization and great effort of the BC Bike Race staff. It was a memorable time. BC Bike Race is great and a highly recommendable event for every mountain bike racer.

The Bike in the Video: Konstructive AMMOLITE 120 Fully…

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