The AZURIT is our new advanced hardtail mountain bike that features a unique rear frame section, our special R.I.P. stays for better shock absorption than conventional hardtail frames could offer. R.I.P. stands for „ride improving performance“ which provides more comfort for the riders, the chain stays allow a vertical compliance of 15 mm that lead to more speed by reducing vibrations that could fatigue riders on long distance off-road rides.

The AZURIT frame is based on a monocoque design built by hand with the highest grade carbon fibre materials available. With a frame weight of just 1.000 grams it is the ideal foundation for very light mountain bike builds of 8,5 kilograms or even lighter.

The bike’s geometry is modern, designed for a borad variety of off-road missions as highly competitive race bike or for trail rides. Since the frame offers highly efficient damping characteristics the AZURIT will be the ideal choice for riders who are looking for a light mountain bike for long distance riding.

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