Personalized Carbon and Steelbikes – Road / Gravel / Cross / Mountain Bikes

Konstructive Cycles is the high-end manufacturer for Road-,Cyclo-Cross- and Mountain Bikes from Germany. Our top priorities are quality and performance. To be able to guarantee that all our bikes live up to our high standards we manufacture them by hand right here in Europe. The continuous development of our bikes is happening in different parts of Germany and the Alps, with the final product coming together in Berlin.

We combine our 25 years of experience with the best frame building materials and the most advanced production methods in Europe to create one of a kind bicycle products for passionate cyclists.

Every cyclist wants the perfect bike. If the bike is fitted to your wishes and body measurements, you are more likely to use it and enjoy using it. We know this only too well our tem here at constructive is also made up out of passionate cyclists. It makes us extremely happy to be able to make your wishes come true when it comes to your bike. Because of that we offer three different ways to get to your ultimate dream bike!

Be Konstructive and ride your DREAM BIKE!


What models does KONSTRUCTIVE CYCLES manufacture?

Real gems of a bike. All model names for our bikes are names of gem stones.

  • RHODOLITE: Carbon road bike with or without disc brakes
  • ZEOLITE: Carbon or steel gravel/cross bike for racing or touring
  • TANZANITE: Steel 29er trail hardtail with 650B+ compatibility
  • TOURMALINE: Carbon 29er marathon hardtail with 650B+ compatibility
  • IOLITE: Carbon 29er race hardtail
  • IOLITE Kids: Carbon 24 inch kids bike
  • AMMOLITE: Carbon 29er full suspension race bike with 115 mm of suspension travel


Why does KONSTRUCTIVE manufacture bikes?

After more then 10 years of distribution of well known brands like Santa Cruz, Titus Bikes and Niner, the desire grew inside the team of Revolution Sports to have more influence on the quality and characteristics of the bikes we were offering. We just thought that especially in the premium sector it was the best way to truly advise our customers and help them to their perfect bike. Because of more and more cutbacks in production expenditure and the relocation of manufacturing from the USA to Asia, the production quality suffered substantially and lastingly. According to our statistics, at times we had defect rates of over 20% with some models. Looking at the public image and the consumer prices for the bikes of these companies, we felt that the cost effectiveness was no longer acceptable and need of serious improvement.

Because of this, in March of 2013 we started KONSTRUCTIVE CYCLES BERLIN. We are finally able to realize exactly the quality criteria and frame characteristics that we specify for our customers and the area of use, with our own brand KONSTRUCTIVE. If we compare the pricing of the aforementioned premium brands with our fully individualized KONSTRUCTIVE Bikes then we are on the same level even though our production is only done in Europe and not in mass production sites in Asia.


How does KONSTRUCTIVE CYCLES design their bikes?

We design our frames and components as well as wheels to 100% in house in most cases. At times we can use already existing tube sections for our steel and carbon frame manufacturing when those meet our requirements.

We realize all our projects from the computer simulation to the prototype phase and race day testing all the way to series production together with our engineers, who also work on projects for Formula 1 and the aerospace industry, and different experienced framebuilders.

We have specialists for steel frame building as well as “tube to tube” carbon manufacturing and “monocoque” carbon manufacturing. Our long-term goal is the production of all our frames, components and wheels in Germany. The needed capacities for that are not available yet so we work with professionals in different European countries to realize our production. We choose the suitable partner for each individual bike project together with our designers and engineers.

Our own constant benchmark analysis shows us how other brands manufacture their products and also the ride characteristics of all for us relevant bike categories. Our development team is always looking at all current trends and developing future projects for us. This leads to multiple new bikes of which not all will go into serial production. We however – in contrast to most conventional bike brands – can realize special customer wishes in a timely fashion and completely individually.

The manufacturing time for a custom frame is five weeks on average. Additionally, all custom paint jobs can be realized within seven days. We work together with all established manufacturers when it comes to components so there are no limits on what we can do in that regard.

Whoever wants their own Dreambike with tailored geometry, special frame characteristics like bottom bracket standard or mounts for racks and other parts, a completely individual component spec, as well as the frame and parts in their own individual color scheme has come to the right place at KONSTRUCTIVE CYCLES BERLIN.



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