Konstructive Cycles Factory


Konstructive Cycles Berlin manufactures all bikes exclusively by hand with the work being done by the most qualified craftsmen for each individual task. With that approach we are able to guarantee our very high quality and thereby set standards after which other bikes and companies are measured.

At Konstructive Cycles we see every single frame as a new project, which will be realized through precision at every predefined stage. We do not see ourselves as a mass-producer, but as a manufacturer of individual solutions for passionate bikers.

Some of the most important steps during the frame manufacturing process are:

Frame Material

Choosing the optimal material for the frame. With carbon-frames just like with alloy-frames, the characteristics of the material are carefully chosen for the area of use.

Frame Geometry

Optimization of the frame-geometry for each individual rider.

Frame Building

Lamination of carbon frames or welding of steel frames.

Quality Control

Control of the predetermined geometry-specifications and strict production-tolerances.

Frame Components

Installing cable guides, water bottle mounts and all other important frame interfaces.

Frame Testing

In regular intervals all products will be checked in our testing laboratories. During the procedure we check important frame values.

Frame Finishing

Painting of the frame according to the customers wishes

Production of the Dream Bikes

Building of complete bike according to the customers wishes